1 X The Tap Soother- Draft Beer Faucet Cap


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Don’t leave your draft beer taps defenseless against pesky fruit flies! The tap soother is a simple and affordable way to stop the all too common problem, before it starts. In addition to eliminating the tiny yet obnoxious pests, you’ll create a more sanitary environment and also prevent your faucet from sticking. The tap soother also helps to control the yeast and bacteria build-up inside and outside of your draft tap. You might think it’s a simple idea but in reality it’s a seriously effective solution. You’ll wonder how you ever served beer without it. In stock and ready to ship. Features: fits both domestic and European faucets. Made from food safe, durable rubber. Controls yeast and bacteria problems.


  • Helps control yeast and bacteria build-up inside your draught taps
  • Prevents your faucet from sticking
  • Helps control the problem of fruit flies around your draft beer taps
  • The tap soother controls yeast and bacteria build-up
  • Sanitary solution for your draft beer faucets