7 Bridges Red Ale Organic Beer Ingredient Kit

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This organic ingredient kit makes a beer with a deep reddish amber hue, a full bodied, well balanced malt flavor, and an aromatic hop character with a moderate bitterness. This kit is one of our favorites, and is one of the most popular with our customers. Our kit requires boiling for one full hour to produce a rich, smooth flavor and a clear finish. Contains fresh organic malt extract, a small amount of organic specialty malt, fresh organic hops, organic dry malt extract (DME) for bottling, Irish Moss, a recipe and illustrated instructions. All of the organic ingredients included in our kits are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program by California Certified Organic Farmers. This package includes Safale US-05 dry brewers yeast (not organic), so every ingredient needed to brew the beer is included. Beer style specs: Approx. original gravity(O.G.): 1.050. Approx. Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 5%. International Bittering Units (IBU’s): 40. PLEASE NOTE: Requires standard homebrew equipment including: A stainless steel stock pot (12- 30 quarts), a spoon and strainer (or straining bag), a 5 gallon fermenting vessel with an airlock, siphon tubing (at least 5 feet), bottling equipment (bottle filling wand, bottle capper, beer bottles, and caps), bottle brush and a good cleaner, sanitizer (iodine based is best), and a funnel.


  • Makes a West Coast Microbrew Style Red Amber Ale with a rich malt taste and clean hop flavor.
  • USDA certified organic by CCOF
  • Includes all the ingredients needed for 5 gallons of premium quality certified organic beer
  • Requires standard homebrewing equipment including a 5 gallon glass or plastic fermenting bottle.
  • Made for adult home brewers over the age of 21.