Beer Making Plus Kit with Secondary Fermenter and Ingredients


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A secondary fermenter allows you to condition and clarify your beer away from all of the sediment that was created during the primary fermentation. It’s not essential for beers that will be bottled quickly, but it will help produce a clearer beer and is a must for beers that will be bottled more than a month after production. This Kit includes all the equipment in our Beer Making Starter Plus kit in addition to a 5-gallon Better-Bottle plastic carboy for use as a secondary fermenter, a rubber stopper and an extra airlock. Better-Bottle Carboys have been specifically designed for fermenting beer and wine and are made from a special plastic that is not oxygen permeable and will impart no off-flavors to your beer or wine. Includes: 6.5 gallon fermenter with lid, 6.5 gallon bottling bucket with spigot, Two 3 piece air-locks, One-step sanitizer, Siphon unit (racking cane, 4 ft. hose & springless bottle filler), Crystal thermometer, Triple scale hydrometer, Bucket clip, Quality bottle capper, 50 Bottle Caps, Bottle brush, “Home Beer Making” book, 21″ Stainless steel spoon, Fermtech Auto-Siphon, John Palmer’s “How to Brew”, 5-gallon Better-Bottle plastic carboy, Rubber stopper, Your choice of one Alpine Brew Kit, Step-by-step instructions