Go Pro 1 Gallon Small Batch Beer Brewing Starter Kit with Chinook IPA Beer Recipe Kit


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Absolutely everything you need to brew craft beer at home. Easy-to-follow, thorough instructions, plus a DVD you can brew along with. A complete brewing equipment set built by real brewmasters, plus a recipe made from the same high-quality ingredients used by pro brewers; not just a canned refill.
Features our revolutionary Little Big Mouth Bubbler® for easy cleaning, transferring and plenty of head space to hold big beers and vigorous fermentations. For the craft beer enthusiast who wants to start brewing, don’t just brew-go pro.

Kit Includes:
Instructional DVD
1 Gallon Recipe Kit
Little Big Mouth Bubbler®, Bung & Airlock
Blowoff Hose
Auto-Siphon & Tubing
Bottle Filler, Capper & 20 Caps
12 Beer Bottles & 2 Carriers
2 Pint Glasses
Brewery Cleaner

The only small batch starter kit designed by brewmasters, with ingredients used by real craft breweries. Go Pro makes commercial-quality craft beer that you won’t believe you made yourself. The process is made simple with simple-yet-thorough instructions that have been tested and trusted by tens of thousands of customers over the past 20 years. What’s more, we’ve filmed our brewmasters going through the process so you can brew along with them your first time through a brew day!

Whether you want to test your hand at brewing craft beer or already know you’re going to love it, Go Pro is a guaranteed success. Experiment with different beer styles to find your favorite, brewing just one gallon at a time. Keep your roommates happy and become a brewer without hogging the kitchen! Make jaw-dropping beer whether you live in an apartment or can only spare the closet under the stairs! Go Pro is small batch beer with the quality and completeness that you can’t find anywhere else but at Northern Brewer.


  • ALL INCLUSIVE: Absolutely everything you need to brew authentic craft beer at home.
  • THE ULTIMATE BREWING EQUIPMENT KIT: Built by world class brewmasters using the same ingredients and techniques as pro brewers.
  • INCLUDES: Northern Brewer’s Chinook IPA Recipe Kit; a recipe that has earned over 150 5-star reviews. Fresh ingredients in every kit. NOT A CANNED REFILL.
  • Complete Instructions and DVD. Northern Brewer Brewmasters are available 7 days a week to guide you through the brewing process.
  • Features our revolutionary Little Big Mouth Bubbler glass fermentor.