Home brew Journal for Craft Beer Homebrewers


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This journal has been created especially for home brewers who like to keep track of their batches, and log the outcome of every brewing experiment.

Besides the antique look, everything in this notebook has a function; from reference charts to tasting notes. It took 9 months to develop the Brew Journal, from concept to launch. Why so long? Because we fine tuned several aspects during this process. Now, the final product counts with: 100+ Hops Charts, 90+ Yeast Strains Chart, Unit Conversion Table, Color Reference Alcohol By Volume Reference Chart, Glassware Reference Chart, Space for 70+ recipes and a Pen Holder. The Brew Journal is made with PU leather – the closest material to real leather and it has a really nice fell to it, besides the antique look. It’s the perfect place for your craft beer recipes!


  • Intuitive Two-Page Layout
  • Space For 71+ Recipes
  • 100+ Hops Chart
  • Alcohol By Volume Reference Chart
  • 90+ Yeast Strains Chart


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