Homebrewing Beer: Homebrew Beer Made Easy

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Ever want to learn how to make your beer? Now you can! Start Homebrewing!

Beer is the third most consumed beverage in the world, next to water and tea. The main styles are pilsners, pale ales, imperial pale ales, stouts, saisons, and barley wines.

In Homebrewing Beer Made Easy: Brewing Extract and Partial Extract Ales you will learn:

  • Interesting facts about the history and types of beers served around the world.
  • The two brewing methods, including the ones most used in homebrewing beer.
  • The basic equipment and supplies necessary for successful homebrewing.
  • The ingredients that you will be using for that first batch of homebrewed beer.
  • Cleaning and sanitation procedures to use in preparation.
  • How to brew the beer at home, including temperature controls and time constraints.
  • How to bottle your beer once it is ready for consumption.

Even with this brief volume, you will learn virtually everything necessary to begin making your beer. The author carefully covers everything you need to do in the preparation and preservation of the brew. All he leaves out is what to do with the beer after you’ve bottled a good supply and friends come over. I suppose he believes you can handle it from there!

Take action now. Brewing beer at home is so easy; anyone can do it! As long as they are of legal age of course 🙂

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