Premium American Pale Ale No Boil Complete Beer Kit, Makes 5-6 gallons


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In the history of brewing, there are only 2 home brewers who have ever beaten the big breweries in an international beer tasting competition, and both of them used WilliamsWarn malt extract kits. Find out more here Our kits use Liquid Malt Extract made by a new full-scale brewhouse at a large brewery in New Zealand, plus dry malt extract made in a state-of-the art brewhouse in the USA. Both brewhouses use full mashing, lautering, wort boiling and whirlpooling steps before the wort is gently evaporated into concentrated malt extract. Evaporation is no issue in the brewing process as all malts and hops both go through evaporative processes as does wort in the brewhouse. When the two packs are combined and rehydrated by the home brewer, the blending of both top quality New Zealand and North American barleys creates a sensational wort. We then use only the best dry yeasts from Fermentis or Lallemand with their yeast styles matched to the beverage styles of the kits. WilliamsWarn extracts are the premium kits in North America. Go to for much more information. Download our instructions titled “Traditional Homebrewing Instructions” here


  • The kit includes a 3.75lb can of pre-hopped Premium American Pale Ale liquid malt extract, designed by Master Brewer Ian Williams and crafted at Lion Brewery in New Zealand. It also includes a 3lb bag of the highest quality light dry malt extract made in the USA and a packet of Fermentis Safale US-05 ale yeast. This kit does not require a boil as both extracts have been through full boils in state-of-the-art brewhouses. All ingredients can be added directly to the fermenter with water.
  • Silver Medal Asia Beer Awards 2013 Recipe: Add 3.5oz of Citra hops and 1oz of Amarillo steps to 165’F water for 10 minutes (steep) then strain and add to your wort. This will bring out the oils in the hops and give a nice tropical fruit aroma.
  • This kit makes a flavourful American Pale Ale. It has an amber appearance with a prominent bitterness. Due to ale and crystal malts used, it has a steady malt flavour with a touch of bready and toasty notes.
  • All the ingredients for a home brewer to make 5 gallons of professional quality beer (or up to 6 gallons for owners of a WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery or other home brew systems).
  • Download our instructions titled “Traditional Homebrewing Instructions” here Included in the instructions are the preferred brewing methods and final beverage specifications.