Starter Home Brewery With Organic 7 Bridges Red Ale Ingredients

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Before brewing your first batch of beer, you will need to obtain the basic equipment. Just like a good cook needs a well equipped kitchen, a home brewer will need a well equipped brewery to produce quality beer at home. Our starter kit includes our Organic 7 Bridges Red Ale ingredient kit for 5 gallons and the book “The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing”, by Charlie Papazian. We believe knowledge is the most important brewing tool you can ever have, and a full featured brewing guide like this book makes the process of acquiring knowledge easy and fun. Our starter kit has everything you need to brew 5 gallons of beer except a brew pot (a stainless steel stock pot at least 3 gallons in size) and standard beer bottles. Any non twist off or flip-top beer bottle can be used. Included in this package deal: One organic beer ingredient kit (not in picture), a glass 5 gallon carboy, plastic airlock, rubber, stopper, 40″ blow-off tube, 5′ siphon tubing, 22″ curved siphon cane with sediment tip, small tubing clamp, small organic cotton straining bag, 18″ heat resistant plastic spoon, bottle filling wand, bottle capper, 60 bottle caps, bottle brush, long water bottle brush with bent tufted end, 8″ plastic funnel with snap in screen, the book: “The Complete Joy of Home Brewing, 3rd Edition”, 4 oz. of Iodophor sanitizer (safe iodine based), & 8 oz. of Straight-A oxygen based home brewery cleaner.


  • Standard equipment package enables you to brew all kinds of kits and your own recipes too.
  • Includes the best seller “The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing, 3rd Edition” by Charlie Papazian.
  • A great starter package for aspiring home brewers who want a flexible, expandable system.
  • Includes Ingredients for organic 7 Bridges Red Ale, a West Coast Microbrew Style Red Amber Ale.
  • Features a 5 gallon glass fermenting bottle that will not absorb flavors and is impervious to air.