Strange Spring Ale Strange Brew Beer Ingredient Kit


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This Beer Making Ingredient Kit Contains all Ingredients Necessary to Brew 5 gallons of Beer at Home.

Kit contains a combination of the following ingredients, as appropriate to the style of brew:

Liquid and/or Dried Malt Extract, Crushed Barley Grain, Hops, Dried Yeast,
Muslin Bag (for grain and/or hops), 54 Bottle Caps, Priming Sugar.
Other ingredients such as Irish Moss, Flavorings, spices are included when appropriate.

Brewing Equipment and Bottles are Sold Separately.

Kit Includes Detailed Brewing Instructions. Call 1-888-BREWING for more information.


  • Light Easy drinking Spring Ale
  • Strange Brew Beer Ingredient kit
  • Ask about liquid yeast upgrade