True Brew Bock Home Brew Beer Ingredient Kit


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An American style bock, full bodied, deep in color, with a harvest-rich taste. This ingredient kit from True Brew makes approximately 5 gallons of beer which is equivalent to 2 cases of 12oz beers. This Ingredient Kit Includes: Unhopped Dark Malt Extract (2 cans), Chocolate Grain (6 oz), Crystal Grain (6 oz), Pale Grain (6 oz), Grain Steeping Bag, Hallertau Hop Pellets (1 oz), Tettnang Hop Pellets (1 oz), Ale Yeast (1 pack), Priming Sugar (5 oz), Bottle Caps, Easy to Read Instructions.


  • True Brew Ingredient Kits are assembled using the finest ingredients available.
  • Each kit contains: malts, hops, yeast and even bottle caps.
  • Each ingredient kit makes 5 gallons of top quality homebrew.
  • With our easy to read instructions your assured a great brew every time.